Ngaio – Mask Making

This term Caroline came in to assist us with producing masks as part of our production preparation.

Our ‘guinea pig’ for the first mask was Will Park. Will is always on for these type of things – he loves giving everything a go.

The rest of the class watched and listened carefully as they were all going to have to help so we could get 26 masks done in the morning.

First up Will coated his face with bee-balm (vaseline would do too)-

Then Caroline wrapped some Gladwrap around his hair so the plaster wouldn’t stick to it and rip out later – Ouch!

Next we prepared the plaster strips. These are the plaster bandages used to make plaster arm casts when you fall off your scooter…

Next step – applying the plaster bandages in stages. We used small paper ovals to cover the eyes. The class loved this stage as Will was finally unable to speak in the class for a few minutes!

After a couple more minutes to allow the plaster to set, we got our Will back and he was allowed to see his pale double.

We had created a ‘negative’ of Will’s face. Then everyone in the class got busy and we all made a mask. Once they were all completed we coated the inside of each mask with vaseline.

The final stage was to cast a ‘positive’ by pouring casting plaster into the negatives. We sat the negatives in small nests of paper so the noses wouldn’t get squashed. They were hard in an hour. Cool!

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