Harakeke Term 1 2012

Collaborative Graphing


carefully measuring his bars









Time is flying this term and man are we having fun! In Harakeke we have been working so hard. We have been working on surveying our classmates, gathering our data and creating bar graphs from our information. Throughout our work we have also been focusing on being helpful members of Harakeke in which we work together when a classmate is in need! As the weeks go on three children have to pick a member of the class for the Kete Aroha award and so we are paying close attention to what being a good friend means. We are a friendly and helpful bunch. We have also been working on creating self portraits. We learned where the different parts of the face sit on the head and we used mirrors and pencils to sketch our faces. We learned about paint mixing and then mixed paint to match our skin colour as best we could. We then water-coloured our faces and backgrounds and used a black sharpie to create the distinct outlines of our faces. We have also been learning about weaving. We used different paint techniques to make our paper strips and then created woven pieces intertwining all of our lovely painted strips. We now have beautiful bits of artwork that have small pieces of all of our hard work!

creating picture frames on our portraits

after carefully choosing his pieces he is now weaving them together!











We have also been learning our mihimihi and creating powerpoint visual mihi in preparation for our trip to the Marae. I am so impressed with the class’s work on these and the new found confidence we all have with computers and power point. We are looking forward to the trip this week where we can share our mihi and feast on a hangi. I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone, I am so proud of you Harakeke for all your hard work and I will miss you while I am gone. But now that you are all so technologically savvy I expect heaps of emails! Ka pai Harakeke!

Sincerely, Gillian

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