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Welcome to the Houghton Valley Home and School Community.

If you have a child at the school you are immediately a part of the Home and School Community. How much you contribute is your decision. Most of us feel we get back much more than we thought we would! We are an important link for parents, the community, the staff and School Board. We are a robust group of parents, working happily to support the school which works hard with our children.

Home and School meetings are productive and fun. We make sure there are opportunities for people to be involved and build friendships. Representatives from the School Board and staff meet with us to keep information flowing about the happenings at the School. We meet monthly to talk about events. Information is then passed on through the school newsletter, class representatives or in the minutes of our meetings. The more we work together, the more fun we have and the happier the entire Houghton Valley Community.

Next Home and School Meeting – Special meeting

7.00pm, Thursday 12 November in the staffroom – All Welcome.

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